-trading the solar cycles A model of stockmarket forecasting using solar activity and cycles
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Forum covers forecast from short- and longterm cycles in various markets
Børsforum med kort- og langsiktige prognoser, basert på forskjellige unike syklusteorier. Tar for seg OSE med perspektiv på intradag, dager, uker, måneder og år. Også blikk på utenlanske indekser og råvarer.

Solar activity diagramPlanetary K index - geomagnetic disturbances


Farside 10day animation

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Links and resources:
My ideas on the Solar Cycle and planetary cycles (thread on the

Sun & Stockmarket
Researchers link solar storms to market lows
Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and the Stock Market
Whole Earth Forecaster by Larry Berg

Solar activity and humans
Geomagnetic Fields, their Fluctuations and Health Effects
Sunspot cycles and activist strategy by Carol Moore
Sunspot cycles and human history
Sunspots and Human Behaviour by James Borges

Solar observation
Latest solar events
SOHO The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Latest Space Weather Data by SIDC
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report by Jan Alvestad
Stanford - Solar Farside Image
WM7D's Solar Resource Page
ACE Real Time Solar Wind
Tromsø Geophysical Observatory
Map of Active Solar Regions by Raben systems
STEREO - Latest SECCHI Beacon Images
MTOF Proton Monitor
Imsal - Coronal magnetic fields and holes
Coronal magnetic fields forecast
Latest Solar Flux
Ecliptic Plane IMF Forecasts
Predicted Dst, Kyoto Dst, Predicted AL and Solar Wind
Solar Wind data
Recent data: Geomag, particle and solar
Latest Images from GONG
CCMC Real-Time Tools
Space Weather Now

Solar research
Solar Cycle Progression and Prediction
Leif Svalgaard's Research Page
SOLAEMON by Jan Janssen
Geomagnetic Data by NOAA
Landscheidt Cycles Research
Goddard Space Flight Center - Space Physics Data Facility

Solar science and learning
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
Australian Space Weather Agency
RHESSI Science Nuggets - Magnetic links between Earth and Sun



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ACE 7 day Solar Wind
2 day MTOF Proton Monitor
2 week MTOF Proton Monitor

NOAA 27 day solar forecast
Geomagnetic A index
Farside image
Solar cycle progression
X-ray flux
Flare short term
Flare longer term